China steel exports disrupt markets

China’s leaders want to move the world’s second-largest economy away from exports. Yet, for its steelmakers, this is turning out to be a bumper year. Chinese exports of steel were a record 8.52m tonnes last month, an increase of 73 per cent from a year earlier, according to customs data. Hit by slowing domestic demand,…



European Commission: Overview of the Steel Industry

The European steel industry is competitive, well established in a majority of Member States and an important employer. It produces steel in an energy intensive process by reducing iron ore, or by melting recycled scrap. Hundreds varieties of steel products are used in a very wide range of applications by industries like mechanical, shipbuilding, automotive,…



Indian steel manufacturing firms eye Chinese technology

BEIJING: Top Indian steel manufacturing firms are eyeing Chinese technology and low-cost equipment as India’s steel capacity is expected to soar in the next 15 years, driven by growth in infrastructure construction in the the country. “We will need Chinese equipment and technology suppliers for our steel industry’s growth, since China has a mature steel…



Shining glory of steel industry

The outlook for the domestic steel industry looks bright, since India has good iron ore deposits, skilled man power and growing demand,says Seshagiri Rao , Director,Finance, JSW Steel. What is the outlook for the global and domestic steel industry ? The steel industry has undergone a few structural changes in the past 3-4 years. So,…